About Us

What we DO!

The main objective of the Mission Society is to:
– Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations
– To feed the hungry
– To cloth the poor
– To support farmers and workers

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Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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Feeding the Hungry


Clothing the Poor

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Support Farmers

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Healing the Broken Hearted

Listen to Our Mission Song

The Great Commission

Our main objective is to love God, His people and His work by executing the command of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19 – to make, baptize, teach and send disciples of and to all nations



We strive to surround us with leaders in Ministry with integrity, sound Biblical doctrine, an uncompromising attitude and unconditional love for God and His work.

Mission School Building

Our immediate focus is to complete the training facility of our Mission School that will be able to accommodate 30 students 



The Mission/Evangelism School will Train ministry workers in local congregations, as well as on the premisies of our Mission Farm in Kleinbrak River (8.5 ha).

Reach the Nations (Local and Cross-Border)

Together with local/international Churches, farmers and the Business Community, we will spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and also provide for the hungry and needy through the Poverty Relief Program.

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